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There are many good reasons why phpFriendlyAdmin is a perfect web application to compliment your arsenal of php database administration tools. Optimize it for your needs and see how it can help streamline the maintenance of content on your databases.

Major features are as follows:

  • Database Independence: Over 10 supported databases via PEAR's DB package.
  • Balanced Database Abstraction: Focuses user on content not database structure.
  • Secure: User level permissions for manipulating table content via php sessions.
  • Easy to Configure: Configure phpFriendlyAdmin module via built in admin panel.
  • Intuitive: Simple, elegant, and configurable interface.
  • Convenient: Maintain your databases from any internet appliance around the world.
  • Reliable: Tried and tested in many real-world situations.
  • FTP Ready: Upload files to the server and record their path in your database.
  • Expandable: Specialized Tasks (plugins) may easily be added to the system.
  • Strong Support: Contact form and forums monitored regularly by programmers.
  • Actively Maintained: Regular updates and bug fixes.

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